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Vive La Poste - Made in Northumberland hat finally arrives in France!

by Margaret Woodliff | March 10, 2014 | 0 Comments


Inspiration Santiago Calatrava

 I had given up all hope of my latest piece arriving in Chazelles-sur-Lyon, in time for the competition deadline. Indeed I thought my images would be the last I would ever see of it, after it languished for days in the international post room some where between Newcastle Airport and Heathrow.



However thanks in no part to the valiant efforts of Gary at the Wagonway Post Office, Alnwick, the piece finally arrived in Paris, with only about twelve hours to spare. Then an Olympic style dash took place, courtesy of La Poste, and the piece arrived at Chazelle-sur-Lyon with moments to spare before the deadline!


Vive La Poste!

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Inspiration - Santiago Calatrava - goes to the 10th International Hat Art Exhibition, Chazelles-sue-Lyon, France

by Margaret Woodliff | March 05, 2014 | 0 Comments

Very excited to have posted my entry to the 10th International Hat Art 2014 early this week. This is a French competition - the theme of which is "Archi'felt".
The competition is to be judged by a panel of judges headed up by Stephen Jones. Many of the hats will be exhibited at the Atelier-Musee du Chapeau, in Chazelles-sur-Lyon from May 17th to October 5th 2014 - so I do hope my entry gets there on time!



Inspiration Santiago Calatrava

Taking inspiration directly from the architecture aspect of the brief, I researched modern architects and was drawn to the work of the Spanish sculptor and architect Santiago Calatrava, whose work dominates many of the modern buildings and particularly the airports, of Europe. The piece itself is inspired by his control tower at Bilbao and features two charcoal grey blocked fur felts, along with a cut away section - revealing the interior of the cone like crown - bound in wired saffron yellow petersham with highlights of Guterman beads.

Fingers crossed for my entry that hopefully the Royal Mail will deliver my hat before the deadline, but currently despite having sent it on their track & trace service, they appear to have lost it on the way to Heathrow! Oh dear what a dreadful disappointment if it misses the deadline!

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