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Making Headway Workshop in Stockport April 12 - 14

by Margaret Woodliff | April 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Many thanks to the team at Stockport lead by Bronwen Simpson for organising another exciting and stimulating weekend.

Our heads are literally spinning after a wonderfully all encompassing talk by Sylvia Fletcher of Lock & Co Hatters, London on her career and her life's journey through millinery, followed by a challenging two day marketing & business workshop led by Harriet Poesner of BromptonFinch.

We all returned home full of excitement and new knowledge, content to know we are now "a block of milliners" - Harriet having mooted this idea for the generic name for a collective of milliners (over the inevitable glass of wine, late one evening). We are now ready for the challenge of the next two weeks and the rapidly approaching deadline for the first collection!


Here's a photo of the Sunday night group - "just the tip of a block of milliners" - as we went down the stops in the direction of the Stockport viaduct.

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