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Happy Christmas from North Northumberland!

by Margaret Woodliff | December 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Thank you everyone who has been in touch during the year, commissioned couture head pieces and supported HospiceCare Northumberland.

Since I graduated from Leeds College of Art in December 2013, it has been a pleasure to meet so many of you at the fairs and hospice events I have been privileged to attend and to realise how many of you are interested in my work, here in rural North Northumberland. So for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is a quick glimpse – tucked behind the hellebores from our garden – of selected pieces from my autumn range including a number of pieces from The One Hundred Years Collection. This collection inspired by the anniversary of the First World War is just back being exhibited at Making Headway, at The Hat Museum, Stockport where I was part of a creative professional development project funded by The Arts Council & Mary Portas

For 2016 not only will I be designing headpieces and organising workshops - the workshop list will be published in the NewYear - I am also delighted to announce that I will be involved another major fund raiser in aid of HospiceCare. So please join us at Alnwick Garden for HospiceCare's annual fashion on Friday March 11th 7 - 9pm show when I will be launching my new S/S range on the catwalk. Tickets £10 each, will be available from HospiceCare.

Finally as Christmas is nearly upon us, and with this comes my Christmas birthday, here’s an amusing new children’s book I have just found – I feel I will have to start dropping a few hints about Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau to Simon. The book looks great fun for young and old alike who are interested in hats, and the review contains the classic quote, which epitomises my attitude to millinery – “What do you love most about millinery? The limitless potential for wearable art!”

Happy Christmas to you all!


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Update on my creative journey! Masseria della Zingara

by Margaret Woodliff | June 07, 2015 | 0 Comments

Excerpt from goggle blogger


"Since I last updated this blog as my HNC in Couture Millinery was drawing to a close at Leeds College of Art in June 2013. We all graduated in December 2013 with a great ceremony in Leeds City Hall, followed by a fantastic get together of everyone on the course. Since then I have been continuing my millinery journey and have been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of projects including WoolYorkshire, part of The Campaign for Wool; and Making Headway, a creative professional development course at The Hatting Museum, Stockport. 



In November 2014 my contribution to Making Headway - The One Hundred Years Collection - was installed at The Hatting Museum. This collection was created to coincide with the anniversary of the First World War and was directly inspired by the WWI memorabilia and in particular the sweetheart pincushions found in the collections at the Stockport, Museums. The piece below is called Dolly Gray's cloche and forms part of a group of five pieces that I made for the Making Headway Collections and is currently on view at the Hat Museum.


I am now picking up on this blog as I am about to start on a new textile experience at Masseria della Zingara, southern Italy, I leave on Thurday via Edinburgh and Stansted for Bari and am excited to see what the week will hold install for me! This is the brief - experimental, innovative techniques will be introduced to construct textile cloths that reflect the mood and atmosphere of the fabulous shapes, colours and textures to be observed at Masseria della Zingara. Combinations of hand, machine and mixed media will feature.

I hope that my experiences at Masseria della Zingara will inform my millinery practice, and I will learn lots of new creative techniques that are directly applicable to my millinery body of work. Its predicted to be 32 on Sunday I hope I can stand the heat (such a change to our current weather!) and just get on with creating textiles. It certainly looks exciting, clearly going to need the marigolds!"

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New images for One Hundred Years Collection

by Margaret Woodliff | March 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

Just received some new images from the Hat Museum, Stockport,of The One Hundred Year Collection and thought I would share them with you!

Seen below is The Songman's Fedora.

The Songman's Fedora


The One Hundred Year Collection is the second couture millinery collection I have made for Making Headway, an inspirational project led by Bronwen Simpson & her team at the Stockport Museums Collections, supported by funding from the Arts Council & the Mary Portas High Street initiative.

The second image shows Dolly Gray's cloche.


This latest collection for Making Headway is a selling collection and can seen seen at The Hat Museum, Stockport, where the five piece collection are showcased. Below is a modern interpretation of a Victorian sweetheart pincushion. 

Finally - Loves Me (Not?)


The collection received its launch preview in late November. I am delighted by the latest photographs taken by Gareth Lowe, just received.

Images courtesy of Stockport Council, © Gareth Lowe

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